My name is Camille. I'm a native Los Angeleno who loves to cook, bake, and do all things creative.


Ever since I can remember, I've loved eating, working with my hands, and getting messy. Growing up with a professionally trained chef mom and a writer/master of the smoke pit dad, the desire to cook, bake, write, photograph, and be creative was inherent. I even have memories from when I was 4 years old trying to make soup by putting water and tomatoes from the backyard into a bowl and shaking it... (I've gotten much better at cooking since then.)

I am currently traveling and exploring cuisines of the world, but back home I work as a Culinary Video Producer. I got my start at Buzzfeed's Tasty as a Creative Producer, making videos for clients like Target, Diageo, Comcast, French's, Franks RedHot, and National Pork Board, and more recently worked for First Media's So Yummy page making similar unbranded content.