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Camille Can Cook


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Happy Friday y’all!

I don’t know about you, but my watch says that it’s half past cocktail o’clock right now. (not really, but I wish it did…)


Before we get to the fun stuff, I’d like to bore you with a very short pronunciation and history lesson. The Caipirinha (pronounced “kai-pir-in-yuh”) is the national drink of Brazil and is traditionally made with lime, sugar, and cachaça (pronounced kuh-sha-suh). Cachaça is similar in taste to rum, and is sometimes known as ‘Brazilian Rum’, however the two are not exactly the same. Cachaça is made by distilling fresh sugar cane juice, while rum is made from molasses. Both are awesome, however the Caipirinha should be made wi...



If a lemon drop, a margarita, and Thailand had a baby it would be this cocktail… and I’m ok with that.


For those of you who don’t know, a kaffir lime is a very bumpy/wrinkly variety of lime (see picture above) that is native to certain tropical regions of Asia. The kaffir tree also has unique double leaves that are commonly used in Thai cuisine due to their distinct taste and wonderful fragrance.


What makes this cocktail great is the use of kaffir simple syrup (recipe below). Though we have our own tree, I exclusively use the leaves in the syrup because they are much easier to come by than the limes and can be found in some ethnic m...


I don’t know about you, but It’s starting to feel a lot like summer to me. The weather’s getting warmer, the air is getting dryer, and I’m seeing a lot more tank tops and shorts. That’s why I figured it was time to make everyone’s summer staple- Ice Cream! Yay!


The loquat / coconut combo was inspired by the awesome ripe loquats in my parents’ front yard and my love for everything coconut. If you’ve never had a loquat, they are sort of like an apricot both in texture and taste, but even better.


I also decided to go vegan/dairy free with this recipe for a few reasons:

  1. I had cashew and coconut milk at home and wanted to use them (plus they are lower in f...

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