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Camille Can Cook


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It's summer, so you know what that means! Stone fruit! 


Peaches, apricots, and nectarines were always a staple during my summers growing up. Nothing makes me feel (or look) more like a giddy little kid than eating a ripe peach and having the juice run down my face and hands, so when I went to the farmers market a few days ago and saw the abundance of peaches, I knew I needed to swoop some up and make something great. 


We all already know that fruit and pies go together like, well, fruit and pies... so today's recipe is my spin on a more "grown-up" way to enjoy the fruits that I used to make a mess of as a child.


Here we go-

What you'll...


It's that time again... COCKTAIL TIME!


The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, so today I present you with two takes on the classic Mint Julep... but there's a twist!


In honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, the first of these juleps is a little more grown up and feminine. I call that one the Kentucky Peach Julep.


The second julep I have for you is in honor of Cinco De Mayo (which was yesterday), my dad's birthday (which is today), and the Kentucky Derby (which is tomorrow). I call it the MexiCali Chrome. This julep's secret weapon ingredient is also one of my dad's favorites- Mezcal.


If you don't already know, the Mint Julep is the official drink...

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