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Camille Can Cook


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Well looky here, it’s Friday again. You know what that means- it’s cocktail time! This week I’d like to present to you the Guava Passionfruit Sangria Blanco.


This sangria’s got of a little bit of everything, from guava to lemons to pear juice. It also makes quite a lot, so why not invite a few friends over and enjoy it together. I sense a game night in your future. (or you can just halve the recipe)


Hold on to your pants, cuz here we go-



(preemptive side note, not everything is pictured above. you will need some other stuff so please read carefully.)


What you’ll need: 1 cup of cheap brandy, 2 bottles of white wine (I used one bottle of Sauvignon Blanc a...



It's Friday; you deserve a cocktail. Why not treat yourself to an ultra refreshing and simple Satsuma Rosemary Splash? It's a drink made from a few in-season ingredients that's sure to please.


On my way home today I decided to swing past the market and noticed that satsuma mandarins were on sale. Growing up, tangerines were one of my favorites and always around the house when in season, so obviously my first thought upon seeing them was 'oooh, it's cocktail time'.  (my brain works in mysterious ways...)


This lightly sweet and vibrant cocktail will make you feel like a kid again (minus the whole alcohol thing...) and tastes best...

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